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About Our Club

In the off season of 2011, Warwick CC and Greenwood CC decided to meet to discuss the potential of merging as a way to help grow the clubs and keep them around for longer.

After that meeting, the delegates from each club went back and it was raised as an agenda item at each clubs AGM. After some vigorous discussion, the members of both clubs decided to move forward in the process of investigating whether this partnership would benefit both parties. 


Both clubs then met again on 10th December 2011 at the Greenwood CC's club rooms where approximately 100 members attended to vote on whether the clubs would merge or not. After much robust discussion it was put to a vote and pleasingly the vote was unanimous in favour of merging the two clubs.


A sub committee of members from both clubs was formed with the responsibility of facilitating the merger. The sub committee was made up of Justin Shakeshaft, Xavier Deering, Denham Barr, Shane Richardson, Mark Grimes, Brad Staples, Glen Marsh, Glenn Farr, Ryan Lowth and Richard Corr. Each member had a role in getting the new club formed, with many of these men now being Life Members of the merged entity.


The Warwick Greenwood Cricket Club was established in 2012 after the merger between Warwick CC and Greenwood CC. Both clubs have a long history that dates back to the late 70's and early 80's with a lot of success between the clubs. We now have 8 teams in total for the 20120/21 season with 7 Men's and 1 Women's teams representing the #RedFamily 

We are based out of Penistone Reserve in Greenwood, our training days are Tuesday and Thursday nights, 4:30pm to 6:30pm. We have a fully licensed bar and club rooms that were built in 2017/18, as such, the facilities are of an excellent standard.

Our games are played at various grounds around the northern suburbs on Saturday (Men's) and Sunday (Women's) afternoons, between October to March. If you are interested in joining our club please contact the club registrar (wgccregistrar@gmail.com) or come down to the club on one of the training nights.

The new club prides itself on continuing our great family culture and continuing to offer a broad range of teams that suits all types of players, no matter what level their ability is. We have a fantastic relationship with the Warwick Greenwood Junior Cricket Club and many of our players are graduates of that club.



In recent years we have grown tremendously quickly and our young demographic has seen much of that growth come from both our Junior club and our expansive women's program. As of the 2021/22 Season we had 7 mens teams and 2 womens teams making us the largest club in the northern suburbs. This growth can be seen with the accolades our club has picked up on and off the field in recent years. Highlighted on field with the NSCCA Champion Club for 20/21. Off the field with our WACA Club Of The Year Award for 21/22.


This award was an incredible achievement for us and highlighted the hard work our club had done to establish such an incredible culture and set of values to be apart of. 

From there we were honoured to be nominated and to win the Cricket Australia Club Of The Year for best club in Australia 21/22.



As we head into the future we are always on the lookout for more players and more volunteers to help the support the ever growing #RedFamily and we can't wait for you to join in the family.